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Hi, I'm Daksh Paleria, a Android Developer (Flutter) 👨‍💻 , Frontend Web Developer from India, Currently I'm a Core Committee Member At IET-VIT, A Technical Team Member At Team Fourth Dimension, A Google Summer of Code 2021 (GSoC '21) Student Developer at Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI). I'm also into blockchain which helped me get through Summer of Bitcoin 2022 (SoB '22) at bcoin org and Yes I Am A Student Completing My BTech 👨‍🎓(2019-23) Graduation in CSE from VIT. Beside's Programming, I Enjoy Eating Food And Traveling.


Summer of Bitcoin (SoB '22) @bcoin

Student Software Developer

bcoin is an alternative implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, written in JavaScript. Working on adding Taproot validation to bcoin node and wallet. Reviewing the BIPs, implementing the changes, testing the changes, writing new tests. Used Bitcoin core as a reference for implementation.

Google Summer of Code 2021 (GSoC '21) @CDLI

Student Software Developer

Worked on an project about preparing a dashboard that can show an admin the visual assets of the digital library. This will help the researchers, professors in getting more control over the visual assets.Wrote a whole script in Python, works with CRON Jobs to update on daily basis to update Database. Provided Docker support for srcipt and used CakePHP, MariaDB for frontend and backend. Worked on optimising the SQL Queries as well.

Institute of Engineering And Technology (IET-VIT)

Core Committee Member

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. Attend committee meetings. Carry out agreed actions set by the committee, responsible for ensuring that all decisions are taken in the best interests of the committee and that their role is carried out effectively.

Team Fourth Dimension

Technical Team Member

Attend team meetings. Partcipate in hackathons, coding challenges. Developing projects for the team and responsible to mentor juniors joining in team.

Flutter Chennai


Attend team meetings, carying out activities like workshops, coding challenges in flutter and its related technologies.

HackOff v3.0


Podcasting operational change management inside of workflows to establish a framework. Producing and planning strategic operating plans and objectives for conducting one of the biggest hacks. Carry out the required Logistics.


Vellore Institute of Technology

2019 - 2023

Bachelor of Technology Computer Science and Engineering

CGPA : 8.25



Money management made easier and smooth, Login with E-Mail or SignUp with Google. Add your monthly budget, update day to day expenses and Many More...

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A flutter app developed to support iOS for the exsisting android app, to go live on app store. Login with E-Mail, Google or GitHub. Update members with tasks.Set up meetings and task for all members.Add upcoming events and display task progress. Right now the repo is private, you will be able to access once its public.

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Predicting about the disease the user is suffering from, used ML Model as an backend. User Friendly colors and designs.

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The Patrollers App

The Patrollers is a system that we have come up with to suit the new requirements for a safe social gathering. It uses a technological system to ensure that the people can continue to enjoy a social life similar to one they had before the pandemic struck, while making it as safe as possible by emphasizing on the concepts of social distancing and the importance of wearing masks.

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COVID19 Tracking App

A COVID19 Tracking App Which is made using Dart and Flutter. Worldwide Stats (The Figures Updates Every 10 Min),Countrywise Stats (The Figures Updates Every 10 Min). Last 24 Hours Increase In Recoveries , Deaths , Confirmed Cases ,Real Time Search Results, Consist Of FAQs, Donate For The Nobel Cause In One Click.

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Open Source Contribution

Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI)

Feb 2021 - Present

Worked on enhancing the current framework of CDLI, primarily used by scholars and students, but with growing numbers of informal learners.

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CircuitVerse (CV)

Feb 2021 - Mar 2021

Worked majorly on CircuitVerse (CV) Mobile App which developed using flutter, solved on issues ranging from adding members in a team to adding new features.

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Team Fourth Dimension (TFD)

Jun 2020 - Present

Worked on various Open Source Software (OSS) and also worked on hackathon projects.

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Achievements and Activities

  • Got selected among 200+ teams in VIT Hack, worked on Vicara Problem Statement. Finished in top 5 under Vicara.
  • Coordinator for HackOff v3.0 a 36 hour long Hackathon conducted by IET-VIT in collaboration with MLH with over 3000+ participants.
  • Mentored juniors for App Development in IET-VIT and TFD.
  • Mentored participants for App Development, open source in SWoC.
  • 4 stars in C++, 3 stars in Python, C on HackerRank

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